What Are the Benefits of Eleruthero or Siberian Ginseng?

Another popularly known type of Ginseng together with the Chinese and American ginseng is known as Eleuthero or Siberian Ginseng. Compared to the other forms of ginseng, this Eleuthero has the same effects in the body like increase in energy, reduction of fatigue, and strengthening of the body. Any person characterized by the Qi deficiency which manifests itself in pale face and tongue, lack of energy, slow pulse rate, poor digestion and low appetite can benefit from taking this Siberian ginseng.

If you have cancer and is in the process of taking chemotherapy, you should try Siberian ginseng which is beneficial for those with this disease. It is said to have anti-tumor properties as revealed by researches that were made in China. Tumors are stopped from growing and metastasizing in other parts of the body. Chemotherapy has negative effects and Siberian ginseng is said to reduce these negative effects. Chemotherapy lowers white blood cell count which is a condition called leucopenia, and Siberian ginseng is said to prevent this condition in patients of the treatment. This crop can also boost the immune system and increase the formation of antibodies.

This root is said to help is lowering blood sugar levels, thus is helpful in people with adult onset diabetes. Physicians should closely monitor blood sugar levels of diabetes patients taking Siberian ginseng so that they can adjust medications if the blood sugar levels are stable. Eleuthero can regulate blood pressure which Chinese ginseng cannot. You can attain a normal blood pressure by taking Siberian ginseng. People with cardiovascular problems can safely take eleuthero but not Chinese ginseng. If you have angina pectoris or experience frequent heart palpitations then eleuthero is a possible treatment for these conditions.

With the use of Siberian ginseng people's memory are improved as well as their mental functions. If you have altitude sickness, then you need to take Siberian ginseng to overcome this. If you have insomnia, take low doses of eleuthero because it has a sedative effect, but with high doses the effect is as a stimulant. It is also beneficial for arthritis and rheumatism pain. It is also useful for increasing stress tolerance in people and in improving auditory and visual sharpness when in stressful conditions.

Other people who can benefit from Siberian ginseng are those who are undergoing a great deal of mental or physical stress and those who are weak from long sickness and old age. It also benefits cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, people with AIDS or HIV, and people who have chronic fatigue syndrome. As we have seen above, Siberian ginseng is beneficial and safe for people with chronic health conditions especially those with Qi deficiency or low energy.